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This is the ultimate Nativity Schwibbogen and is absolutly stunning with its authentic detail. Did I mention the detail??? Well it's worth mentioning twice. Artist Clayton Vance had a vision of the perfect Nativity Schwibbogen and he nailed it. This schwibbogen depicts every scene of the Birth of Christ. From Joseph and Mary's trip to Bethlehem, the Angels visiting the Shpeherds, the Wisemen following the star, the birth of the baby and even the follow up event of the Wisemen finding the Chirst child as a toddler and offering gifts. If you collect Natvivites or know someone who does, this is the perfect gift for them. Our Schwibbogens are made out of light colored baltic birch wood. The nuances in the wood help each Schwibbogen to be it's own unique masterpiece. The size of this Schwibbogen is 16'' x 12'' x 3'' inches and it weighs a little less than 4 lbs. It has a battery box on the right side where you can install 3 AA batteries and enjoy it with lights.  It is truly the perfect Christmas decoration. We hope you enjoy this stunning piece of art as much as we do. 

For Unto Us Natural Wood Large $200.00

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