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He is Risen /White Wood Schwibbogen

He is Risen /Natural Wood Schwibbogen

A few years ago I was frustrated that I couldn't find an Easter Decoration that had anything to do with Easter. I knew my talented husband could rectify this situation, I just didn't know how? As I pondered what scene would best depict what Easter means to me,  Mary kneeling in front of the empty tomb came into my mind.  I envisioned the moment when she thinks all is lost, the Savoir is gone, and she feels alone and in despair. We have all been there, when all hope seems lost and the only thing left to do is fall to our knees and weep. Just as the darkness comes before the dawn, Mary, like us, was in her darkest hour until the Savior appeared to her. This piece means so much to me. It brings me hope! It reminds me that the darkness doesn't last and it reminds me that emptiness doesn't last long. "He is Risen", and because He is risen, there is no more despair, there is no more loneliness, there is only hope and love. After many attempts, my husband created the vision I described. It brought instant tears to my eyes the first time I saw it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I love it so much, it stays up in our home year-round.


For Unto Us /Natural Wood Schwibbogen

Wood Temple Series /Chestnut Frame

Temple Square /Natural Wood Schwibbogen

Wood Temple Series /Gray Frame

Wood Temple Series/ Ebony Frame

Temple Series /Canvas/ Ebony Frame


For Unto Us /White Wood Schwibbogen

Small Temple Square /White Wood Schwibbogen

For Unto Us/ Candle /White WoodSchwibbogen

Journey To Bethlehem /Natural Wood Schwibbogen

Journey To Bethlehem /White Wood Schwibbogen


Logan Temple/ Natural Wood Schwibbogen


Logan Temple/ White Wood Schwibbogen

For Unto Us/ Candle /Natural Wood Schwibbogen

Small Temple Square /Natural Wood Schwibbogen

Small St. George /White Wood Schwibbogen

Small St. George /Natural Wood Schwibbogen

Large St George /White Wood Schwibbogen

Large St George /Natural Wood Schwibbogen

Temple Square /White Wood Schwibbogen


Large Nativity Natural Wood Schwibbogen


Manti Temple/ White Wood Schwibbogen


Manti Temple/ Natural Wood Schwibbogen

It's The Small Moments /Natural Wood

First My Mother /White Wood


SLC Temple Luminary

Cowboy Luminary

Give Thanks Luminary

Easter Luminary

Salt Lake

St George




Mini Nativity Ornament


Nativity Ornament

Shepherd Ornament

Cowboy Ornaments

Journey Ornament
Shepherd Ornament

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Our Story:​

What are Schwibbogens and where on earth did we get the idea to make them? Great question! We love to travel and found ourselves in Germany on a Christmas Market Cruise up the Danube. The ship made its way from Budapest to Nuremberg and along the way, we would stop to sightsee and visit each town's, Chriskindle Market. It was at these charming markets that we first discovered the Schwibbogen. These beautiful pieces of intricately made Christmas Folk Art where being sold at every market and we were fascinated with the skill and detail it took to create them. Immediately we fell in love and purchased a Schwibbogen to take home with us. Throughout the Christmas season, we enjoyed it on our mantle. Clayton couldn't get the idea out of his head that with a lot of skill and a little luck, maybe he could make his own Schwibbogens with scenes familiar to us. After many hours of painstaking trial and error, we finally hit on something special and our Schwibbogen business was born. Each Schwibbogen is made with love and great memories, we hope you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoy making them for you.

---Clayton and Bonnie Vance




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